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2013 February 09 - 3:08am CST

So if you're here, you've probably followed me on Twitter. And if so, you've probably seen what I had to say earlier this morning. For the uninitiated, have a screenshot.

For many of you, this appears to have come out of the blue. So, let me explain what happened today and why I'm choosing to make these changes.

Sometime last night, Bronyville episode 93 was released and aired. During this podcast, they were having a discussion about what they theorized (as fans often do) were upcoming drastic changes to the fandom and the show. This is not abnormal, this was just a bunch of friends throwing around jokes and theories and ideas about something that they like. Adjacent to this conversation, someone mentioned that there was a rumor that I had seen some unreleased content. This is all well and good, and I've said in public several times that I've been privy to certain information that hasn't yet been made public. During the Twilicorn fiasco, I decided to tell people that I actually knew what was coming and to stop freaking out and worrying about the show exploding and turning into garbage. I'm bound by an NDA, of course, just like anyone in a position of responsibility, so of course I can not reveal any details beyond "it's going to be awesome". However, an innocent comment on EqD which made an attempt at summarizing the podcast sparked a rumor that I had access to new episodes of the show and more. This, I can assure you, is completely false. Regardless, that rumor seemed to have sparked a rage in the community and conveniently made me a target for the fandom.

Since 2pm Friday (which is when this stuff first started happening), I've received countless emails with significant negative connotations. Some were inquisitive, wondering why I hadn't shared the information I had. Some were accusatory, insinuating that I had some sinister plans made with the unreleased footage that was apparently in my possession. Some used this opportunity to degrade my character, totally seperate from the accusations that the rest had made. People have contacted my girlfriend and my friends to harass them about my supposed leaks. According to one message, I was a "greedy famewhore" who only does the episode uploads/streams to "get more famous".

Now truthfully, these types of comments aren't new. Hell, some are even funny! One of the other people who started encoding Season 2 when I did has been badmouthing me for months with no given reason. And normally I'm able to brush this type of thing off as I know it's not true and doesn't represent the community as a whole. However, the frequency of these messages in such a short amount of time coupled with my current real-world stresses culminated into this breakdown. I have literally spent over $15k of my own funds supporting this community. Aside from what I pay for my recording stuff, I've contributed to dozens of charities, supported community artists and musicians, been top-level attendees to nearly all the major conventions, and invested hundreds, if not thousands of hours into giving back to this fandom with the episode streams and uploads. And then, this stuff happens. Honestly, I can't take it anymore.

On the flipside, at this moment I have 106 new mentions on my Twitter timeline from people supporting me, encouraging me to stick with it and buck the haters. I've received emails from the people who made that comment on EqD that helped spark all this drama apologizing for their part in all of this and stating that they meant no malice. I even got a personal phone call from the friend on the podcast who mentioned my name, as he felt guilty that things turned out this way. I can't express in words how much that means to me. The support I've received in light of this drama has been somewhat overwhelming. However, to those people who apologized to me, please don't feel bad! I know that nothing was done in malice, and no one could have predicted that the internet would've reacted as it did. No harm, no foul, and I greatly appreciate and respect the fact that each of you came to me directly. I've made some lifelong friends during my experiences with this fandom, and I know that I will continue to enjoy the community, the show, and the individuals that I've become so close to over the last few years.

Despite all of that, I will stick by what I said earlier. I am not leaving the fandom. I will continue to contribute via Equestria Daily, attending conventions, and supporting the fanbase in other ways. But starting immediately after the Season 3 Finale, I will no longer be providing livestreams or YouTube uploads of MLP. Consider this my official letter of resignation. Episodes 312 and 313 will go on as planned, and I will (as always) livestream the encoding and uploading process. If you're looking to take on some responsibility and have some fun, you should pay attention. Someone's got to fill my shoes next season.

Goodnight, y'all.
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